Brett Ferguson

Brett Ferguson: Branding yourself

What is a branding? Branding includes the logo, website, packaging, promotional materials, history of customer service, and more. It is the overall reputation of a company. READ MORE

Susanna Melo

Susanna Melo & Jack Cioffi: How do you become more creative?

Yes, everyone is creative; and yes, you can become more creative. One way to become more creative is to add randomness and “accidents” as well as to impose limitations on your photography. READ MORE

Jeff Donovan

Jeff Donovan: What is an artistic portrait?

My slogan is “Portraits between Branding and Art.” Some people may hire me because they want an art portrait. Jeff Donovan not only wanted an art portrait, but he also hired me to create a portrait in his style of art; he is a sculptor as well as painter. READ MORE

Jim Stiver

Jim Stiver: How long does it take to create one of your portraits?

I told Jim Stiver I wanted to create a portrait for him and asked him for ideas. He said he’d love a picture showing him having lunch with two of his favorite curmudgeons, Mark Twain and H. L. Mencken. READ MORE

Marcia Mitchell

Marcia Mitchell: How do you say “passion” without the color red?

Two tango dance instructors, Marcia and Harby, wanted a portrait that said “passion.” When I searched for “passion” and “tango,” all the images either used the color red or they were in black-and-white. READ MORE

Maria and Maurice Hood

Maria & Maurice Hood: Where are the best places to photograph people?

This photograph of Maria and Maurice Hood was created at the Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden in Bishopville. When you arrive, you discover it is Pearl’s home on a fairly typical suburban street of a small town in South Carolina. If he’s at home, Pearl will come outside and tell you stories as amazing as his shaped trees. READ MORE

Olga Yukhno

Olga Yokhno: What do you mean by collaboration?

Collaborating means to work jointly to produce or create something. To me, it is more fun to work with someone because I get to know the other person. For example, I had met Olga previously because she and my wife both belong to the Midlands Clay Association and they both create sculptures using clay. READ MORE

Michelle DuBose: Blowing Feathers

Look closely. Michelle DuBose is not blowing the feathers. If she was, there wouldn’t be any feathers above her head. Instead the feathers are falling. John, my assistant, stood on a ladder and dropped the feathers while I used continuous shooting mode to capture the feathers falling. READ MORE

Randy Covington

Randy Covington: Who should ask Keith Kenney for a portrait?

Anyone, of course, could hire me to create a portrait (and to take other types of photographs). And with time, I’ll get a better idea of my audience. But as I start my business, I am trying to imagine my ideal customers and then market to them. READ MORE

Ted Wachter and Jan Collins

Ted Wachter: How do you say that with a photograph?

How do you say “I’m grateful” visually? In my case, you cheat a little. Ted Wachter wanted a portrait that said he was very grateful to his wife, Jan Collins. As usual, I began by creating a Pinterest board. I searched for images using the keyword “grateful.” Then I went to a Thesaurus and found synonyms such as beholden, indebted, pleased, thankful, appreciative and agreeable. READ MORE

Keith Kenney: Do you offer classes?

Do you offer classes? The short answer is “maybe.” First, a few words about my teaching background. I’ve taught photography for 33 years. My students have been in high school, college and the US Army. I was the first Westerner to teach photojournalism in China—at Xiamen University in 1986-1987. READ MORE