Keith Kenney: Do you offer classes?

Do you offer classes? The short answer is “maybe.”

First, a few words about my teaching background. I’ve taught photography for 33 years. My students have been in high school, college and the US Army. I was the first Westerner to teach photojournalism in China—at Xiamen University in 1986-1987. I’ve also taught photography in Uganda (Makerere University in Kampala from 1996 to 1997). I’ve taught travel photography in three places in Italy (Paderno del Grappa, Viterbo and Monte Castello di Vibio); and the Galapagos islands in Ecuador. I have not, however, taught a workshop for aspiring adult photographers. Nor have I led a photography tour abroad. But I’d like to do so.

If you would like an experienced teacher to coach or mentor you, please let me know. If you would like to participate in a class of 4-6 students and learn about studio portrait photography and/or Photoshop editing and retouching, just contact me.

What I’d really enjoy is to lead a photography tour. If you have a group of friends and family who would like to learn about travel photography and take pictures in countries such as Italy, Georgia, Greece, Turkey, or Uganda, then I can offer my services for a very reasonable price because I LOVE to travel. In fact, traveling and photographing are my two favorite activities.