Brett Ferguson: Branding yourself

Brett Ferguson

What is a branding? Branding includes the logo, website, packaging, promotional materials, history of customer service, and more. It is the overall reputation of a company.

My slogan is “Portraits between Branding and Art.” Some people may hire me because they want to use their portrait to help visually express their brand.

Can a photographic portrait help a person build a brand? Yes. A business headshot only shows your appearance, but a branding portrait also showcases your message and personality. It provides the best chance of creating that critical first impression and by creating the right perception, you’ll attract the right kind of clients. In addition, having a branding portrait helps boost your confidence and increases viewership to your social media pages and website.

Can a brand apply to a person in addition to a corporation? Yes. If you are self-employed, such as a freelance artist, author, musician, actor, or dancer, then you are your company. You are the face of your business. 

Brett Ferguson is the president of the weightlifting club at the University of South Carolina. He wanted a portrait that also promoted the values of weightlifting and that would inspire him to workout.

Brett Ferguson images

Together we decided to feature him lifting (heavy) dumbbells against a background of inspirational words. Brett chose the words, and a typography professor and friend of mine, Andrea Glover arranged the words in an artistic manner. Brett said, “Keith shed light onto the growing industry of strength and conditioning by creating an image that highlights the verbiage and action required to be successful in this sport.”