Keith Kenney

Branding •  Portraits • Art

I work with you to create portraits that are between branding and art. Together, we express your message in a creative manner that helps build your brand and is also a piece of art for your home or office.

Customized Experience

During our initial meeting, we talk about the values and feelings you want to express.Then I typically spend 2-3 hours brainstorming and creating a mood board to guide the portrait session. Based upon your reactions, I’ll then sketch some possibilities. session will be fun. You can choose the songs you want to hear. You can bring friends. You neither have to worry about posing, nor “looking good,” since we already have sketches to guide us. To ensure you are LOVING what we are creating, we’ll look at the photos during the session. Based upon your feedback, we’ll keep working until you’re completely satisfied.

Soon after the portrait session, I’ll help you select the best images. Then I’ll adjust the colors and tones of these images. I can also do some retouching, which includes removing any blemishes, brightening eyes and lightening teeth, reducing wrinkles sculpting your body to some extent.


A Keith Kenney portrait can:

&nbsp• Shape people’s perceptions
• Show your solidarity with others
• Create a brand for you and your business

• Generate attention for marketing

• Link you with a particular art or musical style

• Promote your good deeds

• Make you feel good about yourself

• Impress others and gain status

• Build your fan base and gain sponsorship

Reasonable Investment

Prices start as low as $400. Prices rise depending upon the amount of time involved in the planning, photographing and editing stages. You don’t have to worry about wasting money, however, because if you are not pleased with the results, you’ll get a complete refund.

The standard packagee costs $400-$600 and includes:

• Planning one custom portrait

• The portrait session

• Help with selecting the best image

• One digital file that has been edited and retouched

• One 16 x 16-inch Giclée print

The deluxe package costs $700-$1,000 and includes:

• Planning three different portraits

• The portrait session at one or more locations

• Help with selecting the three best images

• Three digital files that have been edited and retouched

• Three 16 x 16-inch Giclée prints